Currently this site will serve only one purpose: to provide a place to post my whereabouts, photos and thoughts while on a journey through a few western states this fall. Right now, they include Colorado, Utah, Arizona and possibly New Mexico. However, that can change as the trip progresses and is probably dependent on weather conditions, both at my current location or in other areas that may have some conditions I feel worthy of exploration. I’m sure if snow is around, I may head toward it if it’s not a blizzard dumping several feet. I did make a similar change once on a trip when I was at “The Wave” and saw what appeared to be snow on some peaks way off on the horizon. Someone told me that there had been snow in the Bryce Canyon area, so that’s where I headed overnight to be there for sunrise. The beauty of not having much of an itinery is that it allows flexibility throughout the trip. 

Please forgive some of the “Nothing Found” pages within the site, since I’ve just begun to put this together and it should be considered under construction. I’m sure there will be glitches and problems because of my lack of knowledge about these things, but I will do my best to keep things current since there may be a lot of “quiet time” once the sun goes down, or if I find myself awake in the middle of the night in my home away from home (SUV). 

So, I’m looking forward to the trip. The adventure begins September 24th @ 630am with a flight to Phoenix via Chicago (Really? No direct flights from the state Capitol of one state to the Capitol of another?). I hope there are no major problems, but I do not expect everything to go smoothly; any problems will just need to be dealt with. 

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