Intimate Encounters — Trees

General Thoughts
Spring Buds — White Oak Marsh, NC © jj raia

Spring Buds — White Oak Marsh, NC © jj raia

A new experiment has begun. I spent some time recently digging a bit deeper into what is possible in this digital world, a little late to the dance I admit, but nonetheless came across an opportunity to explore another avenue for artistic expression. In preparation for a recent talk on a trip to Iceland in May of 2019, I discovered iMovie, used it for the talk, and have just begun to scratch the surface of what this software offers. For me, it is a way to better express, in a more meaningful way, my connection with the unspoiled landscapes throughout the U.S. I’ve been fortunate to visit over the years, and hopefully convey that through these short clips.

The intention going forward, is to create a few more short videos which include  images that correspond to a particular theme, which change with each additional video. They will all be under the umbrella of Intimate Encounters; at least that’s the plan for now. Since so much of my work centers around trees, that seemed to be the most logical subject to select for the inaugural movie.

Because I cannot include movies within this website, I can only leave a link to where this movie resides within my You Tube channel (another deeper dive into digital). If you choose to view this initial clip, a subscribe button is available for notifications when new clips are added (at least that’s how I hope it works). Comments are especially welcome, including critiques which will be helpful to make those in the future the best they can be considering my current level of expertise (namely none).

To view this first foray, Intimate Encounters — Trees, please click here.

Also, if you wish to view the new web site with the latest blog posts over the previous 7-8 months, please click here.