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Azalea Movement no. 1 thru 5

For the most part, I consider myself a landscape photographer. Inspiration usually comes from being out in those landscapes, which usually revolves around trips to distant destinations throughout the US or, under certain circumstances or weather events, closer to home. For the few folks who actually follow this blog, you’ll realize that some other things have fallen in front of the camera of late. Recently, I was inspired by a friend’s photo of a small sculpture at a nearby museum for which, he moved the camera while the photograph was taken to blur the image. (Normally, I would put a link here to his website, but unfortunately, he has yet to create one so that many of us can see and enjoy his wonderful work. I’m sure he will soon).

2014 WEST Trip-1196

Gene Davis Aspens – Rio Grande National Forest, CO © jj raia

I’ve created photographic blurs for a long time beginning over ten years ago when I got my first point and shoot digital camera. It was difficult then, because there was basically no control over shutter speeds. The best I could do was to set the camera to “fireworks” to get a little longer shutter speed. I blurred some azaleas at a nearby park, and then played with the hue sliders in Photoshop afterward to create several variations that you see at the top. Back in 2014 on my first major trip out west with my recently acquired digital DSLR, I spent quite a bit of time blurring the autumn aspens (above) in Colorado and Arizona. (See the aspen blurs here)