The 2017 Adventure – Day 12

General Thoughts

Day 12 – Saturday October 7, 2017

Rogue River Gorge, OR © jj raia

This morning was all about indecision. I just couldn’t decide whether to continue into Oregon and Crater Lake heading north one more day before heading south, eventually ending in LA where this began. I kept going back and forth for an hour while driving to the point to take a right toward Mt. Shasta, or continue straight toward Crater Lake. Finally decided to head to Crater Lake after turning around beyond the turnoff, and turning around again. Typical during these trips…just too many choices. On the way, I stopped at the Rogue River Gorge viewpoint and glad I did as it was a good look into a very narrow gorge with the leaves of the deciduous trees just beginning to change for fall. The air was still and I was able to lean the tripod up against the fence and shoot directly down into the gorge. For the first time this trip, there were some actual clouds, and I managed to take two shots while in the shade of one of these clouds without any of the usual waiting for a cloud to come by and block the direct sunlight.

Then it was on to Crater Lake and asking at the visitor’s center where the premier sunset location was, the answer was the Watchman Overlook which seemed odd because it was on the west side of the crater, so watching the setting sun would not include the lake. When I asked what the premier location for sunrise was, the answer was the Watchman Overlook. Now that one I agreed with, but could not understand how it could be a good sunset location even after seeing the view in person. In any event, the wind was howling up here, making photography, or just standing at an overlook, a little challenging. But the Watchman will be where I’ll be in the morning if the weather permits. They’re not evacuating everyone, so I suppose it should be OK!!