Volume Two Now Available

General Thoughts
A Photographer's Journey Vol. 2 Cover

A Photographer’s Journey Vol. 2 Cover  © jj raia

The labor was lengthy, and the birth was rather hefty, weighing in at 230 pages, almost 100 more than the first volume, but Volume Two has finally arrived. Luckily, it’s an ebook and actually weighs nothing, but is more about the few “Solo Photo Trips” I’ve taken over the past three years, both long and short, and the travel lessons learned along the way, but still containing some tips and information that hopefully may help some folks. (go to blurb to see the ebook)

However, the greatest take away from all the photo trips is the verified truth in Jim Richardson’s adage that:

“If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.”

Nothing can illustrate that more than being in Grand Teton National Park as I was this past fall with that majestic mountain range in full view. You can’t help but stand in front of better stuff there because they are a constant presence. More often than not, as photographers, we have to “see” something to record, meaning to search throughout our immediate location and take a small “viewfinder” slice from everything in front of us that is compelling, both to us and others as well. Most times in our everyday life, it can be difficult at times if not downright impossible. But with the grand landscapes of the western US, that “better stuff” is just there, no need to search for it. The one thing that makes this better stuff even better, is weather. The kind that produces interesting cloud formations that help to convey that these scenic wonders have experienced every kind of weather thousands of times over millions of years!! They are not simply static, but experiencing every confrontation the weather can throw at them, and to see these unfold before your own eyes is exhilarating. For the most part, the trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone was a constant flow of weather drifting through the expansive views. Although weather like that usually brings on more difficulties for a photographer, the rewards far outweigh the inconveniences. All those storms made “the more interesting stuff” even more interesting.

Rain Curtains and Teton Range — © jj raia

Rain Curtains and Teton Range — © jj raia