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A Photographer's Journey Vol. 1 © jj raia

A Photographer’s Journey Vol. 1 © jj raia

It wasn’t too long ago that I created a physical book to chronicle my photography since my month-long trip out west in the autumn of 2014. Although my photography has included other types during this period, I limited it to just the landscape work to give the book more continuity instead of an incoherent rambling of differing imagery. A bit of the background to creating that book was the subject of a recent post on  The New Photo Albums. However, I may have been mistaken in my assessment in that the New Photo Albums may be better as digital books instead of physical books, although there is nothing like thumbing through the pages of a large coffee table book. And it is pretty neat to see one of your panoramas stretching across the almost 28-inches of a two-page spread!

It was from creating that book that generated the spark to look into the idea of creating an ebook, and after researching it a bit, found that producing one may not be all that different from going through the process used in making a physical book. Using the book module contained within Lightroom, I dove headlong into attempting this monstrous undertaking that went on for about 335 pages. I found that it was fairly easy to use, continually learning how to get around some of its limitations and ended up with something similar to the physical book I had finished on Black Friday of last year. When it was finally “done”, all I needed to do was click the Export Book to PDF button on the bottom of the right side panel and after a while, a PDF was created that was the intermediary step in the quest for a final ebook. Then I came up against several roadblocks that required quite a bit of alteration to what I had taken so long to get through.