More Thermophiles

General Thoughts

Thermophiles — Grand Geyser © jj raia

As I said in a previous post, there are so many opportunities to create abstracts from the thermophiles that live throughout the hot springs in Yellowstone, you may be hard pressed to ever get bored in your attempts at creating them. There is always another to be made simply by adjusting your position slightly, or zooming in or out with your lens, let alone move a few feet or on to another area within the same hot spring. You can literally spend hours in the same basin. The one above was along the outlet for Grand Geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin not too distant from Old Faithful. What was distinctive about this particular spot was its smoothness, so different from the very textural types at most other places. I hope no one gets bored with these additional abstracts I made at various times during my visit, as I never did and found it very liberating in the creative process to just let your imagination run wild simply by moving the camera. Whether they were close-ups (although I never used a macro lens or close-up filters), middle distance, or included a wide area, they were just so much fun to create. To view them larger, simply click on one and then scroll through. But beware as more abstracts may be coming, but of a different subject that was just as much fun and just as liberating.



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