Day 9 – October 5, 2016 – Wednesday

General Thoughts
Day 9 – October 5, 2016 – Wednesday
Didn’t sleep very well last night, woke up around 3:30 with a headache that wouldn’t go away until I took Tylenol and had my breakfast bar when I finally got up around 6:30. Probably the beer I had with dinner. Shot the Gibbon River in almost darkness just for the graphic of the river figuring it will probably be a B+W, if anything. It was still cloudy and snow was on the ground for the most part so I was just heading to the “Bobby Sox Trees” between the entrance and exit to Firehole Lake Drive, but was waylayed by Nez Perce Creek which had a nice bend in it with snow covered banks, but mainly the sky seemed to be brightening with reflections in the creek. So I pulled over and began to shoot and the sky, just got better and better. It was too late for a pink sky, but the sun rimmed clouds looked pretty good. Maybe it was that I hadn’t seen a good sunrise since last Saturday, or have barely seen the sun at all. I had to use both a hard edged and soft edged split Neutral density filter to balance out the bright sky with the ground even though it was snow covered. I was trying to get it as white as I could. Then went on to the Bobby Soxes which proved tough. Most were surrounded by snow, but others were not. There was a neat little S-Curve in the grasses that I tried and unfortunately stuck one tripod leg into some hidden bison dung! Then onto, a huge flat that was snow covered, and I noticed a lot of snow trails in the grasses from the bison that I thought were a good graphic, but I think I lost the sun there which would have made it better. 

Beware of Bison

Went to the Fountain Paint Pots and had to share the area with a herd of bison!! For a while no one could walk on the boardwalks; they were pretty close but didn’t seem to care about our presence. At one point me and a few others were trapped between bison blocking the boardwalk in front and in back of us. It was the only time the throng (yes, there was a throng there too) was quiet. Photographed Clepsydra Geyser there as well which seemed to erupt continuously, unless it was just a very long eruption. Took way too many pictures of the eruption. But I also started the day of abstracts of the bacterial mats, here and at the Grand Prismatic. It is so much better with a bit of sunlight. Had a lot of fun doing it; I’ve always wanted to do the abstracts ever since I was first here 38 years ago! I guess these abstracts are the aspen blurs from two years ago. Just a different obsession.
Ran into Eric Bowles again (the guy from Teton), this time leading his group. He said with the storms, the road from Teton to Yellowstone had been closed and after last night I can understand. 
Sunset didn’t pan out tonight. I tried a flat with a perfectly side-lit curving river, but the sun disappeared behind some clouds before I even got out of the car to set up. Just called it a day and headed off for some bison meatloaf, but the lodge wit the cafeteria had closed!! I knew something was up when there were no cars parked there. So I had to eat at the Old Faithful Inn bar again tonight. Not bad though, I got my burger comped  because they forgot the cheese, so the bill was only $2.95 for a glass of pineapple juice. No beer after last night’s headache. 
So the usual: hang around the Inn while the camera battery charges then onto Madison. Tomorrow, I plan to get in a shower here after any morning photography. That should line me up until Sunday when I may actually get a motel to see the second presidential debate.



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