Day 8 – October 4, 2016 – Tuesday

General Thoughts

Day 8 – October 4, 2016 – Tuesday

Well, today started out the same, cloudy and dreary, so not in. hurry to get out out of the sleeping bag. Slept well again, and when I drove out, there was a dusting of snow on the ground, with much more at higher elevations…really pretty but cloudy, so not much drama. Headed out to Porcelain Basin near Norris and spent a lot of time there using the umbrella because it was snowing. bit, but it gradually stopped. Some good color there, especially a wild lime green stripe, but mostly bright tan or white with lots of steam vents. Of course it was the usual circus there. Then headed to the Canyon area to see the falls again after 38 years. An even worse circus there, but I just planted myself in one spot and did my thing, both abstracts and the falls. at one point, I was waiting for the light while the circus surrounded me when a woman starts looking through her camera, moves closer, looks again, moves almost on top of me, looks again, then actually puts her camera in front of mine!! I said, “Do you want to use my tripod?” These tourists are amazing to watch and listen to. It was mostly cloudy, but the sun did peak out once in a while, and I waited for a while for some sunshine of the falls and canyon. It is a pretty steep canyon with colorations a bit like Bryce, but with a big river running through the bottom. I figured I’d end up at West Thumb Geyser Basin since it had begun the snow again and I thought I could do some of the steam pots along Yellowstone Lake in a mysterious way. But I needed the whole set up with the umbrella and plastic bags, and the snow was a few inches deep in the boardwalk. Got what I wanted and called it a day photographically, and headed toward Old Faithful in time for something to eat at the bar and maybe catch the debate. 

Road Blocked by Wreck

Well, as usual, the plan fell by the wayside since the snow was much heavier than I thought, so I had to drive slow on the completely snow-covered highway. Things slowed up a bit when I saw emergency flashers ahead and found an SUV in the trees. Two oriental guys said they were OK, and I said I would let the rangers know when I got to Old Faithful. Drove two more miles and saw more emergency flashers, but this time with a line of cars not moving. Figures something was up, and just settled in for a long wait. One guy who walked up ahead said they were dragging a car out and it shouldn’t be much longer. In the meantime, tow idiots decided they would just go around the entire line, so I blew my horn and they cut in front of me!! I don’t know where they thought they would be going; we’re all stopped for a reason, not just to watch the snow come down. After a while, we finally did move and the Tesla I saw at West Thumb was being dragged out of the ditch and another car was in there too. so I learned real quick how to manually shift the Flex very slowly made my way sown from the Continental Divide, but noticed after a while no one was behind me. Don’t know if they were going really slow, or they ended up in the trees as well. When I got to the Inn, I called home even though it was late just to let Orah know everything was OK.


Then went into the bar for something to eat and recharge my camera battery. I hope the 16 mile drive to Madison Campground is easier that what I had just gone through.

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