Day 12 – October 8, 2016 – Saturday

General Thoughts

Day 12 – October 8, 2016 – Saturday

#%$!?&!!!!!!!!! Here it is, 10pm and just about ready to crawl in the sleeping bag, and somehow the whole day’s journal I was writing disappeared!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would never have happened when I used to use pen and paper!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I’ll write it again.
The moon didn’t set until around 11:30pm last night, so I just sat in the car until around 11pm to begin looking for an interesting snag facing the right direction for the Milky Way. Found one in the Devil’s Orchard, but its best side didn’t face rigt, but I used it anyway. It didn’t work out well,mso I headed off to the Spatter Cones where I wanted to light the rock using the daylight white balance and shoot the stars in the tungsten white balance to have the interplay of warm and cool tones when the two are blended later. The stars were the easy part, but lighting the rocks seemed problematic. I finally did get a few right and finally crawled into the sleeping bag around 1:30am! After a few hours sleep, I got ready for the hike back up the Inferno Cone for sunrise. I figured I woukd use the same solitary (only) tree up there with simply the light coming from the opposite direction as last night’s sunset. It turned out that shooting south was totally wrong and the best lighting was tomshoot toward the north!! So much for scouting locations and pre-visualizing. Anyway, managed a few using the red rock up there and ai found a partial tree trunk lying on the ground without any of the other parts of the tree anywhere around. Made me wonder where the rest of the tree ended up. 

Wendy, the 90-mph do it all at Mel’s in Arco, ID

Headed to Arco, ID (pop. 973) for a late breakfast and to do some grocery shopping. I stopped in Mel’s for breakfast and what a great place it was; just full of character and characters. Wendy was going 90 mph all the time preparing and cooking meals for customers, waiting the tables and running the register, all at the same time carrying in a conversation with everyone. She even shredded the potatos for the hash browns I ordered right then and there! “It was one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in my life!!” A great place; I’m glad I stopped in and met Wendy, it was the best part of the day. Made Motl 6 Reservations in Rock Springs, WY for tomorrow night’s Presidential debate and took a few architectural pictures while in Arco, who’s claim to fame is that it is the first town in America to have electricity provided by nuclear power.

Atoms for Peace – Arco, ID (pop. 973)

One turned out pretty neat. I saw an old filling station garage door with some “character” in the shade and decided to shoot it with a sunlit building across the street reflected in the windows. I liked it, but it got even better when to people walked by and I caught their reflection in the window as well. Got some groceries at the A&A Market in town before heading back the Craters of the Moon. I did some hiking to a lava tube and some caves, taking some shots, but thinking that the enormous lava field might be better when the sun has gone down and the lava reflects the blue sky. So I returned there again after deciding that sunset may not be too good because of some thick wispy clouds moving in, but then they also blotted out half of the blue sky. As it turned out, the clouds did actually part at sunset lighting up the mountain range to the northeast, and then to make it even better, lighting up the entire sky beautiful shade of pink, purple and red pastels. I clicked off a few panos using only a small thread of land on the bottom of the frame, so being up high may not have been any more advantageous. I really lucked out on that one. 
Finally got back to the campsite and the stove seems to be working, but just not puttingn out enough btu’s. It seemed to take forever to get the water to boil; but then again, I was watching it quite a bit! Another camp dinner of Pasta Primavera which is probably my favorite. Then the fiasco of having to rewrite the journal!! Probably won’t shoot the stars again tonight unless I get up later and shoot it as it sets. We’ll see….

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