General Thoughts
American Flag - Abandoned

Abandoned American Flag, NC — © jj raia

It’s hard to believe that this marks the 100th post on the blog, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank all those folks, nearby and from around the world, who have chosen to spend some time with me as I explore places and things that end up in front of my lens. I am always humbled, and quite frankly a bit embarrassed, to realize that others enjoy my work as I do.

Today also marks our country’s 240th birthday, and I would hope that in addition to backyard bar-b-ques, parades and fireworks, we reflect on the efforts and sacrifices so many have made throughout our history to become the great nation it is today.


One thought on “Independence

  1. JJ…so far today i have taken a look at “independence”, and enjoyed your thoughtful writing accompaning the photographs..photographs are at least a 7.2. especially the first one with our flag.


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