Turn Around

General Thoughts
Jordan Lake Sunrise

Jordan Lake Sunrise © jj raia

There are two favorite spots around Jordan Lake that I go to when I want to include reflections of the sky, and one of those is at a bridge which I went to the other morning when I saw a sliver of clear sky along the eastern horizon of a mostly cloudy sky. When I arrived there, the color had already begun to creep into the clouds and I photographed it as the light got increasingly better with each passing moment. I did panoramas and single images and kept at it until I thought the light had begun to peter out when I remembered the old suggestion to always look behind you, because you may find something just as wonderful.

When I turned around, sure enough I found that the color in the clouds had gone clear to the western horizon! and since the light was coming from the east, the trees along the shoreline had much more definition, autumn color and texture, unlike looking east where they were mostly in silhouette. Since I was on a bridge, all I needed to do was cross the road and begin photographing the wonderful light on that side. So, it’s crystal clear to heed the advice of those who came before us. After all, they have gone through this before.

Jordan Lake Sunrise Looking West © jj raia

Jordan Lake Sunrise Looking West © jj raia


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