Day 19 – 10/12/14 Sunday


Standing Snag at Sunset – Capitol Reef NP

Day 19 – 10/12/14 Sunday
I ended up staying in a parking area at the turn-off for the Notam-Bullfrog Road last night but was disturbed around 3am by a very low kind of growl sound from outside. It happened again around 5am but this time louder. I got pretty concerned because I didn’t know what was making that sound. It was making me nervous.

After listening to it for a while, and determining that the car also shook a bit with the sound, I finally figured out it was the wind. The word for today was definitely “wind”. I got up around 6am to attempt to find the road that leads to the best viewpoint for Factory Butte even though I tried locating it yesterday when I drove in but none had street signs for Coal Wash Road, they all had only numbers! After one failed attempt, I tried a second and it was the right one. It was 6650 East and I drove about 5.5 miles to a spot on the left with a few small white rocks and took a quick shot well before the sun rose but using my compass, figured that my shadow would get into the picture if I waited for the sun to rise and take the shots. So I hopped back into the car and drove some more to another spot where there was a large area of large white boulders or outcrop that is used for a campsite and used them as a possible foreground. But Wow was the wind blowing this morning, kicking up clouds of dust and tumble weed flying everywhere. I had to scramble to the top of these rocks, but managed without injury and took a few erosion detail shots of Factory Butte and then the sun came up with plenty of clouds around whipping through the skies on this horrific wind. I took shots of the butte and also what was behind me because there was the Waterpocket Fold and a lot of weather moving through. At one point there was a rainbow and then some black clouds that I though would dump on me but blew away in another direction in a hurry. I decided to hike into the vast blank area of no bushes, no trees and no grasses; just a soft light gray dirt crusted a bit but almost completely bare. I ended up hiking to what seemed a very small “spire” but when I finally got to it, it was really big. I took some pictures, but nothing of note and then put a plastic bag over the camera for the hike back to the car to protect it a bit from the blowing dust and wind. I had hike so far I couldn’t see the car any longer but managed to find my way back although I was getting a bit apprehensive since I actually didn’t see the car until I was just about there anyway. I noticed a spot along the road on the way back to Route 24 of some erosional detail on a Mesa with a wavy line bottom at 2.7 miles from Route 24 but with the wind and it being already to late for the sunshine, I didn’t take it.
Not much else to photograph today except rock and water, any vegetation would be a big blur because the winds had not died down a bit. I did take a shot of the Fremont River with an orange sandstone wall behind a small cascade that looked pretty good, but that was about it before heading off for gas and lunch at Slacker’s in Torrey. Checked in with Orah and Brian’s tooth is still bothering him and then drove up Boulder Mountain to find the place I took my Aspen Grove shot long ago. Found it, but most of the leaves were gone, the wind was still howling, but to make matters worse was that it was also cold, very cold. Just up the road though, there were loads of aspens already bare, that as the sun lowered in the sky, it lit only the tips air just the top of the trees and In had a lot of fun, freezing while taking pictures. I also tried another motion blur of a few aspens to add to the collection. As the sun set, I drove over the hog back, something that would freak out Orah since it was an extremely narrow two lane highway with no guard rails and straight drops on BOTH sides!! It made me nervous. On the other side, I noticed some large slabs of stone laying against a wall of similar stone and in fading light took a few 30 second exposures. It seems that when I take that type of shot: very low light and long exposure, it really saturates the color of the image. I should keep that in mind when I shoot rocks or anything that doesn’t move for that matter. Drove on in the dark to find a place to park for the night and finally found a cozy spot just off Hole-in-the-Rock Road. I think I’m sharing it with some tenters, but I not going to look any longer. I’m done for the evening.


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