Day 13 – 10/6/14 Monday


Well, today certainly started out differently from all the others so far. I slept in at the motel a bit today and actually availed myself of the free breakfast in the lobby of the motel. Usually I’m out even before they set up their breakfast. I went out to take a few pictures and then returned to the motel for a second round of breakfast! I ended up having two cups of coffee, two muffins, a bowl of cereal, hard boiled egg, fruit and a yogurt. A far cry from my single power bar that I usually have.

I also spent some time back in the room and actually fell asleep for a quick nap and woke myself up with a snore!! I checked in at home and found out I had a letter from Sea View Nursing Home concerning Mom’s balance. So after talking to Orah for a while, I called Sea View and spent a half hour figuring it all out and paid the bill. But I had to do some banking to cover it  which I did, but I had to call home again to have Orah finish out the process. By the time I finally got on the road after filling up with gas, it was noon!!
I headed up the Silver Thread Highway (149) and found it to be a bit dull compared to some of the other roads I’ve been on so far, until I reached Creede where there was a back road that Was supposed to go around to a lot of old mining locations, so I started out on it, but found it to be way too steep for the 2WD SUV I have, and turned around before I even got in a mile. I continued up 149 and most of it was a wide valley and the majority of the aspens had already shed their leaves. I stopped near the pass and made a camp dinner (sweet & sour pork) with the stove that was pretty good. Luckily, the Scenic Drive got much better after the pass and had an exceptional view point called Windy Point that seemed like an entire mountain range was before you across the valley. I passed up the water fall I was going to see because of no color and it was mid-day and continued on to Lake San Cristobal which was really nice. I really wanted to go all the way back to Lost Lake but really didn’t have enough time to get there by sunset, so I stayed at the reservoir and took some shots and followed the dirt road beyond the lake which continues on to Cinnamon Pass which was closed and found some nice spots, but still never the perfect aspen grove. I did find a small pond with some backlit aspens reflecting in the still waters. But I didn’t really do much photography today and shortly after the pond reflections, the sun went down and I drove to Gunnison to get to the Mcadonald’s, and then on to Lost Lake all in the dark. Hopefully, tomorrow will have a good sunrise to light up the mountain, but we’ll find out soon enough.
I talked yesterday about decisions that had to be made and today’s were whether to stay on 149 for two days or do something else after finding no color, decided to go to Lost Lake, realized that 149 went way beyond Lake City which I thought was on Route 50 so I would not make the Lost Lake sunset in time, then decide which side of the reservoir to drive on for better light, ended up on one side, and then decided to try the other and when I went far enough, found that the two roads came together again at the other end and made my decision to double back around unnecessary. A lot of photographs are achieved through decisions you make to get you into the right spot at the right time when all the elements available at that time come together to get the best available that day. If you end up making the wrong decisions, it can certainly affect your photography. Let’s hope that the majority are correct.


2 thoughts on “Day 13 – 10/6/14 Monday

    1. The moonrise was cloudy but did see the moon rise behind the light clouds so it was a bit fuzzy, but thanks for letting me know. I did catch the end of the eclipse in the morning as it set, but still mostly behind the clouds.


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