Day 7 – 9/30/14 Tuesday


Day 7 – 9/30/14 Tuesday
This is a rewrite of what was originally written, but with all my inabilities with copying and pasting to other places, I inadvertently deleted what I wrote just because I slid my hand too close to the page and it was gone !!!!

When I got up at Maroon Bells it seemed that it had cleared with mostly clear skies in the east, but clouds to the west which is the direction you look to see the Bells from the lake. But somehow, it was also snowing slightly, but soon stopped. We were hoping that the long drive back last night would payoff with the first red rays of sunlight hitting the peaks and clouds all reflected in the mirror like water.

We walked up to the lake to our usual spot all the way to the far end and found that someone had already staked a claim just to the left of where we had set up on previous days. So we were setting up just to the right (there being no more spots further along the lake) and he said we couldn’t stay there because he was shooting panoramas and we would be in the way!! So we dutifully moved to another location and not sooner than we set up than Kelly from yesterday, came over to join us, this time with his daughter who was playing hooky from school. We at least had a good time together because as the morning wore on, it became more evident that clouds were moving in on the eastern side and would block any sunlight on the peaks. It was pretty disappointing since all the other elements were there, snow on the peaks, calm wind for good reflections and clouds in the sky above the peaks…but no sunlight. With nothing else to do, we headed off toward Kebler Pass but not before stopping off at Starbuck’s for some much needed caffeine. Over McClure Pass and on toward Paonia until the turnoff for Kebler Pass. Climbing up, you eventually get some expansive views across an enormous valley of aspen trees, which had just begun to turn color, but with the flat light of this cloudy day, we had to look for other subject matter. We headed further up about 14 miles to the 2-mile turn off for Lost Lake, which ended at an impressive view of two snowy peaks climbing from the lake. Since we were facing south, lighting should be good for both evening and morning if the sun were out, but it was not out now, so we decided to scout good locations for the morning and then head on down to Crested Butte for some dinner before returning to Lost Lake.

Along the way we stopped several times to photograph some aspens under the soft light and I tried some more motion blur shots. I also attempted a different technique of using a double exposure rather than a single blurred image; for the first I would remain stationary to record a bit more of the evergreen limbs and structure and a bit more of the detail in the aspen trunks, while the second would provide the blurred movement over the stationary exposure. It has the same feel as the straight blur, but with a bit more definition. I’ll have to look at them more closely when I get all the blurred shots together on the computer. But I think I like either of them so long as there is more than just the trunks and bright yellow leaves – I’ve been trying to include a single fir tree to use as a focal point as well and give a bit of dark in an otherwise very bright image.

Crested Butte was a neat little town with a Main Street of colorfully painted shops and restaurants, while the rest of town seemed to be a bit more “optimistic” than Marble was, but not by much. Ate at Teocalli Tamale, a Mexican place and then headed back to Lost lake to write and then finally go to sleep in hopes again, of the right conditions for a good sunrise at such an awesome location. However, with the continued cloud cover the prospects did not look promising.



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