in the mind’s eye we see only what we wish, but the camera records everything else as well….

— clem kadiddlehopper

photographer, philosopher, sage

Volume 2 Now Available !!!!

at Blurb

Click Here to view the ebooks

A Photographer's Journey Vol. 2 Cover

A Photographer’s Journey Vol. 2 © jj raia

Just Published !!!!


A Photographer's Journey Vol. 1 © jj raia

A Photographer’s Journey Vol. 1 © jj raia

A Photographer’s Journey Volume 1

follows the travels from the author’s beginnings in the ancient world of film and the eventual leap into the digital realm. Click here to go to Blurb and preview the ebook. 138 pages and 122 photos with personal histories along with photographic information, procedures and personal preferences. Volume Two expected publication is mid to late spring.


9 thoughts on “HOME PAGE

  1. jj…we’ve been going thru your blog…thanks for turning us on to your journeys, photographs, truly magnificent. we can’t help but look at you in a different light. (no pun meant)

    see you, steve & judy


    1. Thanks, Jim. The intention was to share some of the things learned over the years as well as have an outlet for the work other than the few that end up in exhibits or other places. Hope the info proves useful. Congrats again on the first place finish the other night!!


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